Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sorry So Busy!

I just sent in 800 words to the most high-profile, super-duper, internationally-known weekly journal that has ever in my whole entire life asked me for copy.

So you can see why I haven't posted anything new yet.

I read so much my eyes have shriveled into dried blueberries. I also went to the town centre and listened to government-speak for two and a half hours. Then I met a lobbyist-type person (they're not called that here) and pumped him for reaction. Then I read some more. Then I went to the public library and got out a book I forgot to quote from in the end. Then I interviewed another lobbyist-style person, over the phone for ages. It was not hard because he went on and on, and it was all incredibly fascinating.

Then I wrote my article. I had two false starts, and given the subject matter I couldn't be my flibbertigibbet self, but I think I did okay. I certainly hope the editor agrees.

I do like journalism. I especially like journalist when I can say, "I'm writing a piece for the [BIG NAME JOURNAL]." That is totally awesome.

If the article really does make it in, I will let you know and everyone whose local fancy bookstore/newsagent orders this journal can rush out and find it.

UPDATE: The article did NOT make it in. Sorry about that.


Maggie said...

Was it First Things? Either way, exciting!! Good for you, and I hope the editor agrees!

mary said...

That sounds like it really had you immersed and enjoying the work - I hope we get to read the fruits of your labor :)

Hilary said...

It is fun isn't it? It's why I've kept doing it for so long and intend to keep doing it. It's not the money, it's just that it's so interesting to talk to people, to delve into something, to learn things and meet people who are deeply into something they think is important.

I was once given a great piece of advice by John Muggeridge about journalism. He said that I have to be the representative of Joe Public who doesn't know anything about a topic. The best jouranlists, he said, are people who don't know anything but want to find out and tell other people about the interesting thing they've just learned. He warned me strongly against trying to become an "expert" myself. I have to be the wide-eyed girl who is eager to find out something new, that way, you please the interviewees who really are experts and have spent years and years becoming so, and you please the public by not talking down to them.

And it has stood me very well as a working foundation. In the meantime, you get to become a sort-of expert in a lot of things, at least enough to ask intelligent questions most of the time. I met a stem cell biologist who just lit up like a house fire when I said that I was interested in developments in the use of mesanchymal stem cells and silicone lattices to produce replacement organs.

It's a really fun job, and everyone I've talked to in the business told me to stay far FAR away from J-school.

theobromophile said...

Best of luck, take care of yourself, and us Singles will still be here, Single and perhaps Seraphic, upon your return to blog-land.

Jam said...

Aw, bummer, sorry Seraphic :(