Thursday, 5 January 2012

Family Time

Oh, poppets, I so busy with family stuff. Busy, busy, busy. And I have to get my United Kingdom Indefinite Leave to Remain application together by tomorrow morning or I might guest star on UK Border Police as This Week's Deportee.

However, I did think of Single stuff today because I worked a bit on the May Anielskie Single retreat in Krakow and also on my Polish. And thus I first bored a very nice Polish Single by making him read me the Polish side of my vocabulary flashcards and then amused him by reading aloud Dialogue 1, Chapter 5 of Colloquial Polish.

It occurs to me that if you ever want to cheer up a homesick or generally depressed Polish student, anglophone you could always read to him or her in Polish. This never fails to make the Poles I know smile widely. Possibly this is because no matter how thick their accents in English, they will never be so bad as mine in Polish. But it could be because they love Polish so much they like to hear foreigners speak it. Or it could be the novelty of foreigners speaking it. At any rate, I recommend it.


monica said...

I heard of your blog over at asksistermarymartha.blogspotetc. And have really been enjoying it. I eill send links to my 2 daughters who will appreciate your writing style as well as.the content. Good luck with learning polish! i havent found the.part yet ehere you explain why you're learning, bt perhaps i will stumble upon it while i wait for the washing machine repairman.

Seraphic said...

Welcome, Monica! I'm learning Polish because a Polish publishing company translated my book into Polish and after I went to Poland to give interviews, I met a nice Polish priest who asked me to come back to Poland and give lectures.

Now, it is unlikely that I will be fluent enough in Polish to give my lectures in Polish, but I would prefer to know enough Polish to hold a basic conversation before I return, so that I can talk to people who are too shy to speak English.

Also, I live in the UK, where there are a lot of Poles studying and working, and it is great fun to eavesdrop on them. Amusingly, my principal Polish tutor works with great enthusiasm to teach me Polish, and then jumps a mile when I understand something of what he says in Polish to someone else.