Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Oh dear. I gave an interview to a tabloid about internet dating, and now I see my name being referenced by dating websites as someone who found love online. Well, I did find love online because my now-husband read my blog. But, for the record, I did not meet my husband through internet dating. Some have met their husbands that way; I did not.

The irony is that I would not take money from a dating website or endorse a dating website. I spoke to the tab because the interviewer found me through my blog, and I thought I'd help out a fellow hack freelancer. And it's not her fault; she never said I met my husband through a dating website. It was the sub-editor, I assume, or whoever wrote the captions to the photo.



Elisabeth said...

There is nothing like a touch of experience with the expertise of the press to make you very jaded about it. I once had the lovely experience of reading in the local paper that I had been wrestling over a handgun in the parking lot of a bookstore. A much more thrilling story than what actually happened, which was far more mundanely horrible, but still an unpleasant surprise!

Seraphic said...

Oh dear, that all sounds very awful!