Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Yulia is Missing

The majority of you are in the USA, so this is a long shot. But an Edinburgh University student is missing, and her friends are desperate to get out the word.

Her name is Yulia Solodyankina, and she was born in Moscow. She was last seen leaving "The Wee Red Bar" in Lauriston Place in Edinburgh on Thursday June 6 after a show, and she was last heard from when she sent a text to a friend on Friday June 7.

Yulia is a physics student. She is also a member of a dance troupe called Anansi. Anansi performs as part of the Beltane Fire Festivals and at other events around Edinburgh. If you have seen her on or since June 6, or have any clue to her whereabouts, please contact Scottish police at  44 ( 0) 131 311 3131.

Yulia's friends have set up a Facebook page to get the word out. Here it is. The Scotsman piece ends with a good description of her.

I have not met Yulia myself, although I see that she is at least a Facebook friend of one of my Edinburgh Uni friends. I have met many foreign students studying at Edinburgh University, and many of them have been involved in dance performances around town. So I find this all very close to home in more ways than one and quite scary and sad.


Carol Z said...

Prayers that she is found quickly, safe and sound.

Jam said...

Oh, the poor family. Hoping she's found quickly.

Anonymous said...

God love her and her family, how awful. Prayers offered for her tonight, that she will be found safe and sound.