Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pulling Strings in Washington, D.C.

Cherubs, my arm in in agony, poor arm. So no heavy blogging today. However, I am wondering what shelter is available in Washington, D.C. for poor wandering European NCBs. Does the Archdiocese have monasteries, youth shelters or anything like that? I'm trying to find short-term (3 nights) and very affordable accommodation for a spiritual son and his pal.

Update: Of interest to Singles in Warsaw.


Sophie Miriam said...

I have never heard of anything like that run by the ADW. Are you looking for something in DC specifically or in the Archdiocese of Washington geographic region? What counts as affordable? How old is this spiritual son? Is his pal also male?

I can see if I can find something, but a little more guidance as to what you're looking for would be helpful.

Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...

This is the best I can find for what you said - I looked into a couple of these options for myself for last summer: -- the only thing I'd say is that not having air conditioning may really bite - it is SO HOT AND MUGGY. But for 3 days it's not so bad (and I am in a hot and muggy city this summer with no air conditioning).

I would say that most things in D.C. that are not regular hotels are geared towards summer jobs - so for example I would otherwise recommend staying at Catholic University (the National Basilica is right there - I may be a bit warier about women because it's not a great section of D.C.). For cheap rates, it may be worth checking Hostel World, STA Travel, or even a booking site (sometimes you can get a really great rate if it's far enough in advance- I spent a weekend in D.C. for a competition and I think we paid for three nights what usually is for 1).

I would also research location very much. D.C. has buses and the metro. Maybe he could be a little outside the city if the metro is near (but don't rely on buses on the weekend - in the city I think they run, but farther out, less likely).

Good luck to your friend and hope your arm feels better.

MaryJane said...

There is a facebook group of Catholics looking for housing in the DC area. Although people are searching for long-term placements, I would bet they would know more about where to stay, or maybe even offer a spare room for the night (?). Posting on there is worth a shot, for sure.

Sophie Miriam said...

After having done a little more research, here are two links that may be helpful:
Link one: a list of area hotels with discounted rates that Catholic University put together for prospective students.
Link Two: a list of hostels in Washington, DC.

I assume that these young men are not going to DC to investigate a vocation to a particular religious order?

Seraphic said...

No. They are high-ranking graduate students under 30. One man is a good friend of mine, and I have corresponded with the second. I'd send them to stay with a priest friend without a moment's hesitation, but unfortunately I don't have any priest friends in DC.

Thank you for your suggestions so far!

MaeR said...

The Marian Fathers (MIC) routinely take guests at their Scholasticate on the campus of Catholic University in DC. This is a very inexpensive option and quite close to the Metro, so getting around the city would be easy.

Here are the Marians:

and here is the contact info for the DC house:

Seraphic said...

Thank you, Mae!

Meanwhile the doctor says it's my neck not my arm that is the problem. Still. Ouch.

Scarlet said...

They might take guests at the Dominican House of Studies, since the brothers are all away on their summer assignments.

Also, AirBNB is a great resource!

Katy said...

Seraphic, the IVE priests have their seminary and novitiate in the DC area. Both near-ish to Catholic U. I'm sure you could reach out to Fr. Mariano Vicci (head of the seminary and totally lovely!) and ask if they could stay there. +1.301-773-3635 or

Urszula said...

I don't think I know of any specific lodging options here in DC but I would definitely recommend the facebook group "DC Area Catholics Looking For Roommates" as MaryJane mentioned. As it's summer, there's a lot of activity going on in that group and I bet there would be someone in between renters/roommates who would be willing to take them in.

Also, for cheaper lodging options they should look outside of DC in Maryland and Virginia. I've had great experiences doing air bnb as well.

Thanks for posting the link to the Polish article! I'm especially encouraged by the priest acknowledging the negative connotation of the word 'singiel' in Polish and trying to specify that not every single person is living the S in the City lifestyle. What stood out for me is that the statistic at the end of the article, that 85% of Polish people can't imagine being happy without a spouse or children. While I tremendously value the importance Poles attach to their families, it's somewhat stifling of an atmosphere if you just haven't met the right person yet.

Urszula said...

also, I saw this and thought of you always exhorting us to wear sunscreen:

Anonymous said...

I live in DC and suggest St. Anselm's Abbey. I had a friend who stayed there and though it was wonderful. You can eat meals there, attend Mass, do laundry etc. all for a donation of your choice.

Seraphic said...

Thanks, all! Anon, I found the St. Anselm's option earlier, and I'm glad to hear it was great.

Seraphic said...

Urszula, Poles keep telling me Polish society is changing, and I keep feeling a bit sad about that.

I'm sorry that Singles are given such a hard time in Poland, but on the other hand I'm delighted that Poland still believes in marriage and family. Meanwhile, I think most Polish Singles also believe in marriage and family, they just find it difficult to find the right person.

I will all societies could be family-friendly and still find a way to honour Singles in that. I'm haunted that Single Catholics in Poland are going to have a harder time getting married because of growing expectations of Polish men than Polish women should have sex before marriage. The nightmare of the western sexual revolution has arrived in Poland and making Catholic girls' lives worse there.

I think of the Sexual Revolution as a war Catholics and other Christians lost. And after war, the losing side suffers terribly. The Sexual Revolutionaries hate virginity, chastity, purity, celibacy, religious life and marriage, and so they despise virgins (except as objects), nuns, monks, priests and lifelong monogamy as the ideal. And this is why Catholics must strive not to capitulate in our own lives to the Sexual Revolutionary Oppressor. It's so disheartening to faithful Catholics when other Catholics take the "easy" option, especially in the west.

Pearlmusic said...

Concerning Urszula’s post: the situation of the Catholic singles in Poland is aggravated by the fact that in most Catholic circles there is some serious distrust towards the category of "single" (never married and not religious). Even that word “singiel” is avoided or replaced with "spouse seekers". Being single is often understood by some Catholic people as promiscuity (sorry to say that). Of course, the image of S in the City attitude towards life is to blame here, which unfortunately validates the definition. On the other hand, singles who “just didn’t find anyone” are often bewailed and treated as losers or those who "do not have appropriate social competence to find a spouse", "shun responsibility" or "they were focused too much on education, career", especially women. That doesn’t help, either. Well, some of them really did or do nothing of that, but still they remain single. That’s why I reckon it is vital that single people accept the life they have and ourselves as they are and share their experience with variety of people.

Wishing you a great day and coming back to work :)

Michelle D said...

I'm a grad student/staff at CUA and second the suggestions for CUA off-campus housing options ( They also ask for other leads from these places, if they're full, etc. Also, if you ever have any female friends coming to DC (huzzah!), I have friends who live/lived at Centro Maria & Sacre Cuore (also on the list) and if they're OK with the restrictions, they are both wonderful places to live.


Urszula said...

Pearlmusic, I completely agree with your analysis. I left Poland a few years ago but even immediately after college I was being pointed out as a 'pleasure-seeking singielka' and exhorted by kind-hearted family members to settle down, since obviously the only reason I hadn't gotten married was I was selfishly gallivanting about. Never mind the fact that most of travels abroad were for work experience I never could have gotten in Poland. My Polish friends who live in the capital are hitting 30 and from their accounts being single and childless at that age is a lot more taxing than it is for me in the US.

Seraphic, I also hope that Polish society retains its respect for family while carving out room for single people and making them feel welcome.

Also, can I hijack this thread to renew an offer to meet up with Seraphic Single readers in DC? I'm still trying to make like-minded friends here...