Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Yulia Seen on CCTV in Glasgow

News of a sort. CCTV footage shows Yulia Solodyankina walking in Edinburgh on the afternoon of Friday, 7 June and a couple of hours later in Buchanan bus station in Glasgow. It looks as if she went to Glasgow of her own free will. The question is now where she went after she left Buchanan bus station.

She might still be in Glasgow, she might be in the Highlands, she might be elsewhere in the UK. She may have been smuggled out of the country. As yet, nobody in the "Find Yulia" group (movement?) knows.

As it is already the 25th of June, I am awed by how much work it must take to scroll through hours and hours of CCTV footage. I'm impressed that the police have found these images, and I hope they keep on looking. And I hope as much interest in the case can be raised in Glasgow and other parts of the UK as has been raised in Edinburgh by the hard work of Yulia's friends and a sympathetic public.

We hear so often of girls who have gone missing, but that is no excuse for apathy. There are only about five million people in Scotland: surely we can care enough to look out for a young Russian girl lost among us and turn her loss into a cause celebre.

The photo above doesn't show them, but the CCTV footage includes distinctively patterned shoes. Someone might remember those shoes, even if they don't remember her.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for her Seraphic and her family too, they must be out of their minds at this stage.


Seraphic said...

She could be in Ireland, for all anyone knows. Do you know anyone who works with the homeless and other vulnerable people ?

Anonymous said...

Oh that's an interesting thought. She would have been flagged if she had caught the ferry or a plane though, they could look that up.
The passport isn't necessary to travel between our countries for UK citizens?/subjects? and the Irish as far as I'm aware. Passport as ID is still necessary for the rest though.

The Simon Community http://www.simon.ie/ or perhaps http://www.ruhama.ie/, is that the sort of thing you're looking for?