Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hair for Hat Solution/Quick Wedding Report

Oh cherubs! Such luxury. There is nothing like sitting in a barber's chair at nine-thirty A.M. as not one but TWO lovely young ladies straighten your hair. And in my part of Edinburgh, they do it for the ridiculously low sum of 25 pounds and get excited when I give them a tip. Apparently tipping hairdressers is not mandatory ladylike behaviour in Scotland. However, I have so much hair that I really think it would be a venial sin not to tip whoever has to fix it.

Anyway, here is the result, and eventually I hope to post a photo of what I looked like in my hat, and a nice photo of Calvinist Cath, alongside a proper report.

For now all I have time to say is that today we have had mixed sun and cloud, with only a little rain--and none of it on my hair. I spent the time between hairdresser and church in lovely Morningside, hunting for ladies' tweed jackets in the charity shops.

I found the church without much trouble even though looking for a Presbyterian church in Edinburgh is like looking for a needle in a needlestack.

Cath's dress was bee-oo-tee-ful, with one million buttons down the back, and she wore a big gauzy veil. I got all weepy when she said her vows, but I didn't actually weep which is a very good thing because I forgot my tissues.

Every lady in the church was wearing a hat, though I think the Scots beat the English for hat supremacy. The groom's side of the church had a lot of black or white hats, and some ladies wore berets, whereas the bride's side was festooned with hats of many colours: mauve, cream, teal, navy, green, pink. Who says Scots Presbyterians are dour? Nonsense! The mother of the bride had the BEST hat. If I get permission, I will post a photo. Totally awesome mother-of-the-bride suit and hat.

The minister's sermon was great. I really enjoyed it. And the minister was a Scot, and thank heavens because, really, what better accent in which to give a Presbyterian sermon, eh? Oh, there was lots of Presbyterian psalm-singing, only in English, not Gaelic. I think my mother would have really enjoyed that part.

More anon! And thanks for your hairdo solutions. In the end I surveyed my hat, green silk shift dress, little pink jacket, floral pink shoes, white leather gloves, and string of pearls, and realized I was not very 1940s: I was Early 1960s.


Aquinas' Goose said...

Your hair looks great and Cath sounds positively radiant! May her marriage be as blessed as the wedding.

Leah said...

It looks lovely!!!

Kate said...

The hair looks beautiful! My mom kept all of my great-grandmother's hats from the 40s/50s/60s, but I also have rather large-ish hair. It takes some real talent to put it away and pin the hats on.

Kathryn Rose said...

Très élégante! I do so wish that more people wore hats in the States. It seems the Kentucky Derby is the only occasion for that anymore for us depraved Yankees.

Nzie said...

Sounds lovely, and great hair. Kathryn, I do wear hats - not all the time, but not infrequently... we can make this a thing.

Mira said...

Your hair looks beautiful!!!

I really do hope you'll show us a photo of yourself, not just the hat - I'm sure you looked lovely!

And all the best to the happy couple!

Antigone in NYC said...

Hair is stunning!

Seraphic said...

Thanks, all! Waiting for Cath to return from parts unknown for permission to post photos. Also, she probably has a better photo of me in hat than I do.

Hairdo still exists. B.A. likes it so much I slept on one million hairpins (kirby grips) last night to preserve it. Let's see if it survives Pilates class. Madness!