Thursday, 3 April 2014


This is where I most definitely have to stress that I am not a doctor and hint that you should consult a doctor before beginning a fitness regimen--not that I ever do. Four years ago, the NHS nurse told me I was too fat, so I'm taking that as blanket permission to do whatever for the next ten years.

And my very latest enthusiasm is the idea of growing taller because--LO!--it turns out that at least two people have grown taller by decompressing their spines. Behold.

I don't really mind being only 5'2"--the attic of the Historical House has really low ceilings, for one thing. But I would really like to strengthen and lengthen my spine, especially my neck. My head is really heavy, in part because of my super-thick hair, and I think uneasily about 5'2" Crystal Gayle, who had 5'2" hair which gave her neck aches.

Someone once told me that the Alexander Technique can make you taller, but I never really seriously thought about the possibility until Pilates class today. I am sure many people would love to add two inches to their height, or stretch out their backs, and so this post.

At the moment, I am gripped by desire for an inversion table, so that I can hang upside down like a bat. I am sure my spine would enjoy it quite a lot.


Clare said...

Ah, the good old Alexander Technique. A couple of my college theatre professors were AT certified and while I can't say I gained any height from their movement classes, I did spent a lot of quality time releasing tension in my neck and lying on the floor thinking about breathing (also known as "Constructive Rest"). So it is relaxing, at least.

I hear there's some kind of new yoga trend where you do yoga poses/stretches while hanging from the ceiling on lengths of fabric: A former co-worker told me it worked wonders on his back and he got taller! Surely the integrity of the Historical House would not be ruined by nailing a couple of strips of fabric to the ceiling somewhere? (I kid, I kid ;) )

Seraphic said...

That would be so awesome, but it cannot be.

Pearlmusic said...

I've been practising AT for 8 years now (not as a training course but rather as self-help with teachers' assistance) and recommend it to everyone. I'm not sure if it will unravel your spine towards your dream hight (I suppose I might be taller but it also might be that I don't slouch like I did before) but at least it will prevent back pain. A few minutes of Constructive Rest every day can help. Sure, Pilates and Feldenkrais is OK, too!

This is fun:

Pearlmusic said...

*height, typing error