Friday, 4 April 2014

Need Vintage Hairdo Advice

Poppets! I have been staring at the computer until my eyes bugged. I am going to Calvinist Cath's wedding on Wednesday (YAY!!!!!) and I know what dress I am going to wear--the frock is even now at the dry-cleaner's--and I know what hat I am going to wear, but I do not know what to tell the hairdresser to do to my hair.

And then there is the issue of shoes. But that is a worry for another day.

The hat is non-negotiable because Free Presbyterian women keep their heads covered in church, 'cuz Saint Paul said so, and I don't want to scandalize the Free Presbyterians with our casual post-Vatican II Catholic bareheaded ways. So here is a photo of the hat, and if you would find me photos of the perfect hairstyle to go with the hat, I would be grateful. (Back views very useful.) Oh, and my hair is longish; it reaches halfway down my back.

Thanks so much! I know there are vintage aficionados among you!

P.S. Sunscreen, genetics, good nutrition, good luck. And photo slightly overexposed, I suspect.


Heather in Toronto said...

My knowledge of hairdos is sadly lacking.

But huge congratulations to Calvinist Cath on her upcoming nuptials!

Christine P. said...

What about something like this or <a href=">this</a>?

Overall, pinterest is probably your friend here.

Christine P. said...

Oops, forgot a tag on the second link. Try this.

Epiphany said...

This lady has a lot of great hairstyles (all the vintage ones are are the very bottom).

Lina said...

There's a whole Pinterest board of hairstyles for fascinators and cocktail hats here:

I like what Queen Maxima is doing here (looks like lots of hair):
Side view here:

Stellamaris said...

How about this:
Should fit under the hatline. I don't know what will work with your hair texture though.

Sherwood said...

The spring green is a beeaauutiful color on you!

Jeth-ka said...

I can imagine you with something like this:


(Posted in the past as 29inAus but decided I needed a new name because ... birthdays happen)

Julia said...

Wow, I hope my skin is that good in twenty years' time, Seraphic! I am a sunscreen devotee, so maybe there is reason to hope it will be.

Sarah said...

I wonder if you have too much hair to put in a sock bun. With thick hair, they can look quite full and pretty, but if it's too long it might be a pain to get it all in. Anyway, I think some kind of soft-looking bun (nothing school marm-ish) toward the base of your neck would look nice.

As an aside, I can't be the only woman in the world who looks forward to wrinkles and loves to see them on other people.

I love weathered faces. They show so much of a person's personality. I tend to be pensive, so my first wrinkles have came in in between my eyebrows, and I take a little bit of pride in them because they are so "me." People who laugh a lot have wrinkles around their mouths and eyes. As for sun, I would like to look at my own face and see the face of a person who was too busy enjoying the day to worry about applying sunscreen (I mean, skin cancer is a future problem I can understand worrying about. How your face will look in 10 or 20 years is not something I wish to dwell much on) or letting a hat get in the way. :)

Wrinkles are like battle scars of long-fighting warriors.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to bring your hat to the hairdresser's!!


n.panchancha said...

I don't know if this is helpful at all, but my friend just sent me this fashion blog of people's outfits at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC: ... Okay, this may be more of a "waste time looking at dapper outfits" link than real hair help, but there might be some fancy long-haired folk!

lauren said...

No hair suggestions, I'm afraid, but I do love that hat!