Sunday, 20 April 2014

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit



Heather in Toronto said...

Alleluia indeed!

I was blessed to have an absolutely lovely Easter Vigil that was just about everything a girl could ask for. One of our auxiliary bishops, who spent his diaconate in our parish, presided, with four other priests concelebrating, PLUS we had our most junior priest in cassock and surplice acting as Master of Ceremonies and cantor for the Exsultet. All seven OT readings (in English or Italian, variously), lots of incense.

And we had seven baptisms and one reception/Confirmation, with five more next week when their various little kids get baptized too. Ladies and gents, if you have the time, ability, and inclination, there is absolutely no more rewarding lay parish ministry than RCIA. It can be a lot of work, but seeing your group grow in faith and understanding and finally become new creatures in Christ is amazing!

Plus you get front seats at the Vigil which is a nice perk.

Nzie said...

Christ is risen! Alleluia! Khristos anesti! Христос воскресе!

I also had a nice Easter. The large RC parish here has bad architecture but wonderful liturgy - we also had all 7 OT readings, but my first year here it took 4.5 hours, but the new pastor cut out half the psalms (silence then the prayer)... so I actually was at my car around 11:20 (started at 8) even with 10 baptisms and another 13 receiving confirmation. :-) I consider this an Easter miracle.

My family has really wonderful but work-intensive food traditions - since I couldn't go home, I did them all here, and invited friends. I'm exhausted and behind on my work (exams this week! eek!) but I think it was worth it and hope God will help me get through everything.

Hope your Easter was wonderful, Seraphic, and all readers!