Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sun, Shine on Leith!

And on Tollcross, Portobello and all Edinburgh, for tomorrow is Calvinist Cath's wedding day!

I am very excited. I know you young things spend half your spring and summer weekends at weddings, but me, no. Nobody invites me to their weddings. So for me a wedding is an EVENT, especially when it is the wedding of a READER who, thanks to geography and Providence, became a FRIEND! Which reminds me that I have Tess's wedding present, I just haven't sent it yet because I am so bad at posting things. Hopefully it gets there before her first anniversary.

ANYWAY, I think you should all pray for Cath, my very favourite Other Single of Good Will, who is an exciting Presbyterian, just like Anne of Green Gables. As Anne was born around 1871 (which I gather as her sons fought in the First World War), Anne must have been a Westminster Confession Presbyterian rather like Cath, only Anne had odd views about the supernatural and was wont to wander about the woods seeking fairy folk and saying "Oh, Gilbert. How beautiful!" To my knowledge, Cath does have such views nor behaves in such a fashion.


The other difference is that Anne got married in the woods, probably beside the Lake of Shining Waters, with only a few people around her, whereas Cath is getting married in a proper church with half the town of Stornoway (plus an RC) squished in. I suspect it looks like a Communion Sunday in Edinburgh, Hebridians shovelled into every spare bed, sofa and laundry basket to be found.

Well, perhaps I shall write a report tomorrow, for I bet few of you have ever been to a Free Presbyterian wedding service. I am sure there will be an edifying sermon, and for once the homilist will have a really good excuse for sounding like a Protestant. Oh, and the hymns cannot possibly grate upon the ear because Free Presbyterians don't have hymns, just the Psalms. There is a great Gaelic Psalm-singing tradition in the Highlands, but I digress.

Please pray for sun, not only because it is nice for the bride and the photographer but because I am getting my hair done, which I very rarely do, so how sad if it gets rained on.


Magdalen said...

Very cool that Calvinist Cath is from the Hebrides. My People emigrated from there 100-ish years ago.

And yay for Reader Weddings!

Nzie said...

Congratulations Cath! :-)

Ally said...

Ooh! I just realized! I haven't told you that I'm changing categories! (even if I don't comment often enough to really count lol) From "other single woman of good will" to "Catholic single woman" (the single part may be changing soon enough as well, but that is still unofficial and there is no ring yet) but yay Easter Vigil!

And congrats to Calvinist Cath!

(And may I ask the ignorant American southerner question and ask if a Wednesday wedding is unusual?)

Breana said...

Excellent Anne of Green Gables reference! Although, in case you're interested in knowing, she was actually married in the old house of Green Gables. (:
Still wasn't a church, though.

Nzie said...

Welcome to the Church, Ally! Part of what I love about Easter Vigil is the baptisms. :-)

Domestic Diva said...

Best wishes, Cath!

Stellamaris said...

Welcome Ally!

Seraphic said...

Welcome, Ally! I think a Wednesday wedding is unusual, but it is a great day to choose, for local wedding reception venues are cheaper mid-week.

My Presbyterian (well, I guess most of the Canadian Presbyterians had become United Church of Canada by then) granny married my grandfather on a Friday. It was just a small family wedding--and teetotal as my grandfather's people didn't drink.

Goodness! I can barely imagine a teetotal wedding. B.A. and I had a small wedding, but you can bet there was booze--mostly Henkel Trocken and scotch--waiting for us at the reception.

Anonymous said...

Your grandfather's people, i.e. his own dad, distilled whiskey in the kitchen and buried the kegs in the back garden.
Aged P

Seraphic said...

But Grandma said they were teetotallers.