Thursday, 29 May 2014

Busy Day

What a busy day, poppets. First, it is the Feast of the Ascension, which is a Holy Day of Obligation in Scotland. However, the Edinburgh TLM began at 6:15 PM, which is when, on Thursdays, I leave my last-minute homework-doing cafe to go to Polish class. Well, naturally I did not want to skip Polish class. So this morning I walked swiftly to the 9:15 AM Novus Ordo at what, come to think of it, is our parish church. And I was vastly edified to discover that the church was full, thanks to the local school, and that the grey-haired folk band had preserved the hymns of my extreme youth, including "Shalom, My Friends," which I don't think I have heard since 1980. It was banned in Toronto as insensitive, or something.

Home at 10:45, I had just enough time to send off more paragraphs of pidgin Polish to Pretend Son before running around the block to Pilates class. I love Pilates class. Unfortunately, the nearby scale says I am now 9 stone 5.4, which means I have gained two pounds since I returned from Poland. What's with that?!

On the way home I went to the fishmonger's for fish and to the cheap supermarket for booze, bread and broccoli, And when I got home, I sat down and for a solid three hours wrote for actual money.

When that was done, I put on proper clothes and ran off to the bus stop. On the bus, I read a Polish story about a visit to the zoo, looking up the words I didn't know in my big yellow dictionary. Off the bus, I went to my last-minute homework-doing cafe, where I had a latte and differentiated between imperfective verbs and perfective verbs. At 6:15, when B.A. was safe in the bosom of the TLM, I toddled off to Polish class.

Polish class was very absorbing, and afterwards I met B.A. at a pub, where he sat with a very strong beer and the Times Literary Supplement. The beer was so big, that we missed the 9 o'clock bus home, and thus got home only at ten. So that is why there is no proper post today.

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