Tuesday, 2 February 2010

American and Irish Distributors

Goodness, poppets, I am not a salesperson at all. I do not understand the inner workings of the publishing industry, the wheelings and the dealings and the goodness knows what.

However, I do understand about the annoyance of shipping costs, especially for students and other poor folk, so I have enquired, and the American distributor for my publisher Novalis is Twenty-third Publications. So far I don't see Seraphic Singles on their list, but perhaps if you all emailed them, demanding it, they would put its photo up, or something.

"Pat": Pat, this here is another email for that Seraphic Singles book.
"Mike": Maybe they are thinking St. Bonaventure, the Seraphic Doctor?
Pat: No, they keep saying something about a cartoon lady with red hair.
Mike: Hmm. Better call up Lauretta at Novalis.

And the Irish distributor for Novalis, whom I imagine covers the UK, too, is Columba. I don't see my book there yet, either, but if you send them an email, they will no doubt get all excited about your 10 quid or 12 euros or whatever the price turns out to be. I would. And I would spend it in a way any Single would approve: paying off loans and buying shoes.

No news yet on other countries. I think the Germans and Poles and other intensely exciting people are holding back, watching the market with beady eyes to see if you all buy the book or not. If you do in sufficient numbers, they might hand their copy of the book to translators. I was about to say cute, male, Catholic translators who would email me for clarifications, but then I remembered that I am married now and don't think like that anymore. Mental habits are hard to break.

Fun Fact: About 50% of readers of "Seraphic Singles the Blog" are Americans.


Catholic Bibliophagist said...

The real question is when or if your book will appear on Amazon.


Dominic Mary said...

Hate to say it, Seraphic, but although Columba do sell to the UK, the only shops I've ever seen their books are places like S. Paul's Bookshops, so I'm not sure that they distribute to people like Waterstone's . . . try and get Novalis to encourage Amazon !