Saturday, 20 February 2010

Not All Unmarried Men Are Gay

Elton John turns theologian, with predictably disastrous results.

Eventually I am going to write a post about the cross borne by Single men, from the ages of 14 to 104, who suffer from people speculating about their sexuality, just because they don't have groupies, a concubine, a girlfriend, a wife or several wives. Perhaps some of my Single male readers would like to send me some thoughts on the topic? (

In Canada, a not-unknown Catholic gay activist has written on his blog about a former seminarian who was joined at Mass by another young man. The fact that the ex-seminarian has A) left the seminary and B) been seen with another young man (my thought: his brother?) at Mass has led the activist to wonder if the ex-seminarian is no longer a seminarian because of this new young man. For reasons obvious to you and me but not to the activist (whom I've asked to remove the piece), I'm not going to link to his dumb post.

This kind of thing makes me furious. Could we assume that, with only about 1-5% of the population admitting to being homosexual (Kinsey's figure was whacked), 95-99% of people are not homosexual? As for Elton John, he might find my post on the history of Christian celibacy helpful. One more time: Celibacy. Among. Radical. Jewish. Men. Of. The. First. Century. Was. Normal. Celibacy. Went. Along. With. Being. A. Jewish. Prophet.

I might also remind Elton John that homosexual activity was quite frequent among the Hellenic population Except. Among. Jews. It was one of those things that defined Jews to themselves.

That said, if you are reading this, and you do have same-sex attractions, may I suggest a browse of Courage? Courage is an apostolate to Catholics (and other interested Christians) who have same-sex attractions and wish to remain faithful to Christian teachings.

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