Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Books are IN

Hello, my poppets! The latest news from my publisher is that Seraphic Singles has been printed and delivered to... Well, some have been delivered to the Novalis office, and Dayle the PR woman is sending copies to reviewers. I shall get copies my very own self, too. A boxful may be flying its way over to me right now.

Meanwhile, Novalis has made an advertisement from some film footage I sent them. If you haven't seen it yet, go here. My accent is so southern-Ontario I am embarrassed. This is not logical, because what else would my accent be, eh? But I am more used to hearing Scottish, English and Polish voices these days, so listening to the flat Ontarioness of me was very odd. Thank goodness they did not include the bits with me singing and squabbling with B.A. Incidentally, do I say "aboot"? Americans say Canadians say "aboot", but I can't hear it. I think I say "abowt".

But enough about me. The book will be available for sale on March 1, and both Novalis and Chapters-Indigo are taking advance orders. And of course there will be copies available for sale at the book launch on March 25 at the Duke of York Pub in Toronto from 7-10 PM. Dayle promises that this will be a par-tay!

Stay tuned for any new book news. I have got a television interview lined up with Salt + Light TV, so the Seraphic Single message should be hitting the Canadian airwaves by April.

Meanwhile, if anyone has an "Auntie Seraphic" question, it may be very helpful for other readers. Confidentiality is so guaranteed, I usually give writers a pseudonym to hide even their nom de blog! Thanks to Alisha, for linking to "Modest Millie's" question on facebook. This brought a ton of visiting readers!

By the way, if you have already pre-ordered, let me know. That would be awesome.

Update: Two very seraphic readers have started a Seraphic Singles fan page on Facebook. YAY! Wasn't that nice? I've never been the subject of a facebook fan page before. How exciting!


Lemons said...

I can hear a faint "aboot," hahaha. But I don't think anyone hears their accent. I had a girl from Minnesota tell me she liked my accent and I said "What accent?" :P

Seraphic said...

Do I really say "aboot", Lemons? ROFL! Is it as bad as Terrence and Pip's on South Park, as if any of us ever watched South Park ever?

Virginia (Ginny) said...

I can't really hear it, Seraphic, but then, I lived in Canada for 7 years so maybe I can't pick up on it anymore.

Virginia (Ginny)

Lemons said...

It's quite subtle and I probably wouldn't have noticed if I weren't listening for it.

Nooo, nothing like Pip and Terrance. LOL

Kate P said...

How exciting about the books!

The promo video is sharp. :) Your "aboot" is not as pronounced as what I hear when I watch Canadian TV shows (e.g. "Being Erica," "Slings & Arrows"). And I'm sorry but I do snicker when I hear it--I'm such a rude American.

Claire Christina said...

I'm from New Jersey (which means my accent is a softened version of the NYC accent) and have lived in the Midwest for five years, so I've become rather accustomed to discussions of accents. You do say aboout, and I couldn't help but be distracted by your accent. It's quite distinct from that of my current classmate from Toronto!

I tried not to pay too much attention to your accent, but it is definitely present. Enjoy it! I love the fact that I open my mouth and people around know where I'm from! Toronto is part of who you are, Seraphic; milk it for all it's worth! :)

Thomas said...

You don't seem heavily accented to me but then I'm from southeast Michigan, which is just a stone's throw from southern Ontario. You seem to say a subtle "aboot" sometimes, but not always. I was actually more surprised by some word choices, such as when you said "(it) doesn't mean your life is a ruin," I never would have thought to word it that way.

Seraphic said...

(She groans.) Thomas, neither would I think to word it that way. I didn't think out anything I said on the video beforehand. I just went with whatever came into my head! (Groan, groan.) I didn't think Novalis would pick that bit. (Woe, groan, groan.) I was standing on a ruin, so I just said... Well, you know.

Hee hee! It's all so funny. And my PR woman says there have been 300 views so far.