Monday, 18 April 2011

Anielskie Single

Poppets, I am very excited to announce that the Polish edition of Seraphic Singles is now in the catalogue of Homo Dei. It is called Anielskie Single, and basically every Single person in Poland should buy a copy, making the Redemptorists happy and rich.

In my mind's eye, I see them chatting excitedly in Polish, and across their black clerical shirts run subtitles, like so:

--We have never had sales like this before!

--At this rate she will outsell Bernard Haring!

--Perhaps we should encourage her to write another book.

--We will offer her thousands and thousands of zloty.

I have no idea if the Polish Redemptorists ever say such things, but I would like them to say such things of me and my book, that is for sure.

Anyway, I have promised to come to Krakow if they like and sign copies and generally do whatever I can to encourage Poles to buy and enjoy my little book. The Redemptorists are already impressed because Urzsula nagged them about when the book is coming out (June), and they are glad that I mention it on my blog. I suspect they will be even gladder when I mention it on my blog in Polish.

The difficult part is that I don't speak or write Polish, and the words "Buy my wonderful Anielskie Single and you will laugh and be spiritually enriched" do not occur in the Berlitz phrase book.

So today I appeal to Polish readers who have already read my book in English or at very least my blog to write reviews in Polish in the combox below. I shall cut and paste and post them on a subsequent Polish-only post.

I know, I am so bossy. First I bleg money for Kat, and now I'm blegging Polish for reviews. However, soon things will be back to normal and I will post a fascinating letter or two or even tell you what happens next to Katie's gang at the University of Mysterious.


berenike said...

All the Brits should buy copies too, to give to assorted Polish accountants, bar staff and women who "do" for them, and then the Warsaw province of the CSSR will have lots of money to pay me to translate my supervisor's professorial book :)

Seraphic Spouse said...

Oh! Good idea! Now write me a Polish review, woman!

Julie said...

June, eh? If I spoke Polish I'd be in all the Polish bookstores in Chicago making requests :)

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

congratulations ! What a great joy!

berenike said...

You don't want my dodgy Polish attached to your book, people'll think it's you using Babelfish ...

Seraphic said...

I'll take dodgy Polish! Dodgy Polish is better than none!

Rosemary said...

Seraphic: Can you tell me if your book will be made available in electronic form for e-readers like the Nook and Kindle? Is there anything I can do to help facilitate this with your publisher?

Kate P said...

Congrats on the publication, Seraphic! All the covers have been pretty nice so far (although I am a purist and have the original redhead).

On the edge of my seat for the next Katie/UofM installment.

Anonymous said...

Here you go: "Buy my wonderful 'Anielskie Single' and you will laugh and be spiritually enriched" =
Zakup moją cudowną książkę 'Anielskie single', a będziesz się śmiać i wzbogacisz duchowo.

Now, a review in Polish:

Książka Dorothy Cummings 'Anielskie single' to mądry, wnikliwy i uderzająco szczery zbiór obserwacji i historii wziętych z życia nowoczesnej kobiety, która całym sercem i przez całe życie pragnie dochowywać wierności nauce moralnej Kościoła Katolickiego.

'Anielskie single' - to opowieść poruszająca, dowcipna i aktualna - to obowiązkowa lektura dla wszystkich kobiet, które na codzień zmagają się z utrzymaniem równowagi pomiędzy potrzebą założenia rodziny, aktywnym szukaniem przyszłego wspołmałżonka, radzenia sobie z własną samotnością, a bezkompromisowym oddaniem Bogu.

Now you can google-translate it back into English:) and see that I stole a bit from the back cover of your American edition. Pero' non fa niente, no?


Seraphic said...

M, whoever you are, thank you! It's exactly what I'm looking for.

Rosemary, I have signed a contract giving my publisher permission to publish SS for online distribution, so hopefully that will happen soon.

Eliz... said...

Congratulations, Seraphic!

It's fun to see the cover art with each version. I love this one. And I'm certian being 1/2 Polish has nothing to do with it.