Friday, 22 April 2011

Pray for Hilary White

My dears, today is Good Friday and I am sure many of you will go to church today. While you are there, would you kindly pray for a Single woman named Hilary Jane Margaret White? Some of you may have read her articles in LifeSiteNews or even in The Remnant. She had surgery for cancer yesterday,* and a priest has emailed me from Rome to say that she is "in a bad way."

Hilary is only 45 years old. She was orphaned many years ago. She is not married. She has no boyfriend. She has no children. She has a pugnacious faith in Christ and is one of the best prose stylists I know. She uses her talents for the Church and has for years fought for the right to life of babies born and unborn.

Hilary is the Vatican correspondent for LifeSiteNews and lives outside Rome. She loves her job very much, and I must say the idea of living in a small town outside Rome and then commuting into Rome to report on the latest European and Vatican news strikes me as a wonderful way of life for a Single woman--or even a married woman, so long as her husband could also find work in Rome.

Hilary has sparky sense of humour which led to her organizing The *OTHER* Roman Blognic, to which I will be going. I asked Hilary what I should bring her from Britain (where her parents were born), and she gave me a short shopping list. It included Bovril, and so now there is a bulbous jar of Bovril sitting over my kitchen sink, waiting to be packed.

This morning, this Good Friday morning, I am suddenly afraid that I might not have the chance to give Hilary her Bovril.

So, my dear readers, in your kindness, would you please all pray for Hilary, a very talented Catholic Single woman, both as soon as you read this and when you go to church this afternoon. Pray for her soul, that her friends be allowed to keep her some years longer and that she recovers rapidly from all her cancer treatment.

Here is one of her most recent articles.

*Update: Now it appears that she has NOT yet had the operation, but her condition is indeed serious.


kozz said...

Will be praying for her.

kozz said...

I feel really bad for her. Being alone especially when ill and in a foreign country, can be such a terrifying experience. Will dedicate a rosary for her right away, for God to grant her courage and healing.

talitha cumi said...

I will pray.

Seraphic Spouse said...

Thanks for prayers! She is out of the hospital for now--things not being as immediately dire as I thought--but it looks like she has a lot of stuff ahead of her.

This is the part where I do a public service announcement and remind women over 30, and sexually active women under 30, to have regular gynecological exams. Cervical cancer sucks, and it is best to find it and stop it RIGHT AWAY.

margaret said...

We have a most beloved intercessor for the sick - St Luke of Crimea, Surgeon and Wonderworker. He was a confessor of the communist yoke, always operated with an icon in the theatre, was often imprisoned and kept on treating the sick even after he became a bishop. I will say his Akathist specifically for Hilary as I believe he helped me when I had cancer at 44. I came across Hilary's writing a couple of years ago but until I saw her middle names just now I didn't realise the Hilary you've spoken of was the same one.
Wishing you and yours a holy, happy and blessed Pascha.
And don't ask why nuns read singles blogs ;)

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Only just now saw your post, but I'm praying. We had a close friend (single) who had ovarian cancer. Much more challenging for a single person than married one.