Saturday, 16 April 2011

Send the Crescat to Rome!

Gentle readers, I was not chosen for the Vatican blognic, wah wah wah. I weep. This doesn't mean I'm not going to Rome, though. One of the nice things about living in Edinburgh is that it means I live in Europe and therefore can get around Europe relatively cheaply. So I am going to Rome and to "The OTHER Blognic" organized by LifeSiteNews's Hilary White who, irony of ironies, was invited to THE Blognic after all.

Meanwhile, the Crescat--your fellow Single, reader and NCG--was ALSO invited to the Vatican's blognic. The thing is, she doesn't have much money.

Can you imagine being invited to a meeting at the Vatican and not having the airfare to go?

I mean, can you imagine?

So even though I generally want you to save your money to buy yet another copy of The Closet's All Mine or Seraphic Singles, today I am hoping you will send a little donation to Kat of The Crescat. If I have any money in my PayPal account, I am sending it straight to Kat.*

If it all works according to plan, she will be sleeping in the same flat where I will be sleeping, and it will be awesome, awesome, awesome if she can go.

P.S. I feel so strongly about this, I'm posting a poll so that readers may compete by nation to send Kat to Rome. If you only have $1 or £1 or 1 Euro to spare, and you want to spare it, marvellous! Pay the woman and then come back and tick the box for the glory of your nation/continent.

*I did, and I did!


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Seraphic said...

Yes, the Americans are ahead, as I'd certainly expect because the most obvious virtue of the USA is its generosity.

However, I'm thrilled that non-Americans, too, have been donating, helping out an American girl!