Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thanks for Crescat Donations!

Dear readers, thanks for contributing to the Crescat's Rome trip! I see that 5 Canadians, 31 Americans, 1 New Zealander or Australian, 2 Europeans and 1 inhabitant of Asia or Africa donated and mentioned that here. On the face of it, it looks like the Americans won.

HOWEVER, the USA has a population ten times the size of Canada. Thus, per capita, more Canadians donated than Americans. For American readers to have approximated the generosity of Canadians readers, 50 of them would have had to donated to the Crescat's fund.

NEVERTHELESS Americans have such a well-deserved reputation for generosity and are, indeed, amongst the world's best tippers, lightyears away from the instinctive Canadian impulse to give exactly 15% (unless service was bad), that I am sure they will not mind ceding this sadly unusual victory in generosity to their Canadian friends.


Meanwhile, I see that the Crescat now has over $400 U.S. to spend in Rome on fun things, which is considerably MORE than I have! The irony astounds me, so now go out there and buy more copies of my book. >:-(


Valerie said...

I think you meant "more" than you have?

Seraphic said...

Oh yes! Thank you!