Friday, 8 April 2011

Blogmeet in Rome

Well, my dears, I have this off-topic post to bring you from Whispers in the Loggia.

As you can imagine, I am now dreaming of jet-setting off to Rome this May to be consulted (or lectured) by Cardinals. Ahhh....

I wonder whom they will pick! Of course, I just sent off my own wheedling application, and I would LOVE to be chosen. But with thousands of Catholics' blogs in the world, it would be like winning a lottery.

I'm just thinking about the big guns in the English-language blogging world, and I'm rather filled with awe. I'm imagining rubbing shoulders with The Anchoress, Mark Shea and Father Z. How cool would that be?

Imagine that a Cardinal is about to follow the link in my email to this site. Please write in the combox why you think I should be invited to the meeting!

Update: Oh dear. Nobody reads me on Fridays. Boo.

Update 2: Aw, come on... As I live in Scotland, I may actually have a shot.

Update 3: No Vatican invite yet, but looking at flights...


Julie said...

Ack! Just got home, Auntie! Don't be sad!

Seraphic would be an excellent contributor because:
- she has experience and perspective on three major English speaking regions (Canada, US, UK)
- she has actual church-person experience, and thus a knowledge of that side of things
- she unites her church-person knowledge with professional-writer experience
- ... which is further enhanced by her first-hand experience of the Catholic publishing world
- she knows about both the mainstream and trad cultures and can speak to both
- her blog represents how the internet can usefully supplement local pastoral support
- she is a woman, that usually counts for something in se

I have to dash out for stations but I am still thinking!!

Eowyn said...

Oh Auntie S, of COURSE you should go to Rome, because your blog is the caffeine the the cappucino of blogs. You keep us sane and prevent us from getting overwhelmed from trying to figure out why we're not married yet, or what the NCBs mean when they smile at us so dreamily or say they like us but then don't ask us out. You teach us that there are a great many wonderful things about being single, and you teach us the importance of detachment, which helps us grow in holiness. You cut down all the excuses we make in our minds for guys who just don't respect us or care about us or deserve our time. You brighten up our days and our hearts and our lives and give us way more time to think about Jesus Christ than we had when we were trying so hard to figure out whether cute NCB might maybe ask us out for coffee. And for that we thank you.

Seraphic said...

Yay! That should warm the heart of any cardinal!

Just another Catholic girl said...

Everything that Eowyn said and more! I am relatively new to Auntie Seraphic's lovely blog, but it does not take long to see the wisdom and love that pours from these pages! This blog seems to me like one of those lovely places in life you can go to for sound advice in helping us seraphic singles follow God's Will and be strong in our morals, while living amongst this crazy world. Auntie helps to keep us grounded, focused, and cheerful in the bumpy road of life. Hats off to Auntie!

Anonymous said...

to be brief: because she's wicked funny, warm, a breath of fresh air, not so serious all the time, never boring, and the cool favourite aunty who just gets you!

Julie said...

Re: update 3 - well, since you know that hanging around behind columns gets the job done...!

sciencegirl said...

Who else in the Catholic blogosphere is writing about the single life? There's a whole state of life recognized by the Church. I have always loved this blog because it genuinely adds something new and fresh to Catholic online discussion. Yes, some other blogs talk about chastity, but only this blog really focuses on ALL aspects of the Catholic single life. Plus, it's updated almost every day, which is just great.

Clare said...

Because you're an inspiration to thousands of Catholic girls and women (and men!). And you speak candidly, thruthfully, and orthodox-ly (that may not be a word) to the parts of our lives that need it the most -- which, in the case of marriage or singlehood crucially need to be gotten correct for the health and future of the Church.

And we think you're full of hilarious wisdom and we love you!

Seraphic said...

Thank you! Yay!

Domestic Diva said...

Seraphic ministers to singles in a way that parishes and dioceses have not. She offers sympathy, humor, and most especially, practical advice about how to live the single life. Whether readers experience the single life as a cross or as a freedom, they find Seraphic's posts helpful for living the Church's teaching and imitating Christ's example of self-giving in the particular challenges of the single life.