Wednesday, 29 January 2014

En Route to Canada

So busy packing. AHHH! Here's a post I wrote for IP Novels. The translation is my own and a tad free. I hate to think what the poet would have thought, but there's no point worrying as that can't be known: he's dead.


Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Seraphic. I am having a really hard time logging on. Sigh. So just in case I find it impossible to log on from Canada(!), you should know

1. That the Toronto Seraphic Singles Meet-up is still set for Feb 14 at five-thirty at last year's location. For more details please email.

2. If worst comes to worst, I will set up a new blog. So if you don't see me here in two days, google my whole name with "blog" and see if you can find me that way.

What a pain!

Brigid said...

Our daily dose of Seraphic is at :)