Monday, 13 January 2014

Holding Breath

The disappearance of Edinburgh Uni student Yulia Solodyankina has touched the hearts of many people in Edinburgh, even those who do not know her. For me it's because she is a young foreign student like other young foreign students I know, especially one who knows Yulia well enough to speak to. It's also because her friends in Edinburgh are determined not to allow her to be forgotten as just another missing girl. Their Facebook page alone is enough to keep Yulia's name and lovely face in the Scottish press; I'm not sure all the page members appreciate how helpful that could be as they rail against the press mining the page for stories. It's not what the press says about them that matters: it's getting Yulia's name and photo in the papers yet again that's key.

It is particularly upsetting for Yulia's friends when a dead female body is discovered, and both public and social media speculate as to whether it is Yulia's. Lately some of the more sensationalist of the newspapers have claimed this of a body found in Argyll. However, there has not yet been a formal identification. I pray that it is not Yulia's body, and that Yulia is merely working "under the table" at some remote Scottish farm or hotel while she sorts herself out.

Meanwhile, I think Edinburghers are sorry that something like this could happen to a young female visitor to their city. Edinburghers themselves make jokes about Edinburgh hospitality, but as a matter of fact Scots are kindly people with a soft spot for quiet young female foreigners. I certainly have one myself, and I think it would be would be great if all readers sent up a prayer for the safe recovery of Yulia Solodyankina. I too am determined that this girl, at least, will not be forgotten until her family and friends discover her whereabouts.

P.S. I have an important article to write today--and a sick husband--but hopefully I'll be able to pass the computer along to You Know Who for another installment of You Kno Wat.

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Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Yulia. Thank you for writing this. We miss her so much