Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dynamic Women of Faith Project

Okay, poppets, I am sure none of you are going to read this until Sunday when you, ashamed of your drunken St. Patrick's Day shenanigans of the day and night before, crawl to your computer swearing to be better girls. But what a better time than that for the Ontario ones to discover that there will be a marvellous Women's Lenten Retreat for them next Saturday where they can be inspired and grow in faith and goodness.

No, I am not referring to my own retreat, which is in Krakow in May, but to the Dynamic Women of Faith Project organized by fellow Catholic journo-blogger Dorothy Pilarski at the John Paul II Centre in Mississaugow. It is not for Single girls but all Catholic women, especially Catholic mothers who feel generally overlooked and spat on by sneering secular society and enjoy the gutsiness of such local Catholic heroes as Michael Coren. He will be there to explain Why Catholics are Right and, no doubt, add some caffeine to the cappuccino of life.

So have a look at the linky-wink, and please consider going if the trip is within reason.

Incidentally, I will most probably be there, possibly even with copies of Seraphic Singles, which I will cravenly flog to whichever ladies aren't actually married or nuns.


Tickled Pink said...

Woah, the site is pink! I like it!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

...but other than that, nice new template. I like the colours. Never liked the blue.

Anonymous said...


Love the new layout. Although it is very pink :)