Friday, 16 March 2012

Spent the Day in Girl Talk

Gracious! I was completely free of jet lag all day, but now I have hit a wall of sleep. Zzzz. This despite drinking absolute vats of coffee at lunchtime.

I met my best friend Trish for coffee at 11. We first met when we were little baby undergraduates at the University of Toronto; I tried out for a play she was directing, and when she turned me down, she hired me on as stage manager. The rest is history. And today we sat out in the sun and ate all-day breakfasts for lunch and chatted, but also just sat there, not talking very much. Sometimes you don't have to talk when you sit with your best friend of twenty years. You can just sit and be together.

Then Trish dropped me off to another friend's house--the friend I call when it is 1 AM in Edinburgh, but only 8 PM in Toronto, and I have just realized that the reason why I am mad at B.A. is because he doesn't know how to listen like a girl. And my friend was at home, and she gave me a glass of water and her toddler lunch, and we three went for a walk to the "park with the castle." And we talked and talked and talked, and I can't tell you a word, for it was all Girl Talk.

All I have to tell you, now that I am utterly stricken by jet lag, is that female friendship is so very important to most of us, and this is still true after a woman is married. You might think that the Love of Your Life will serve as a sort of one-stop-shopping department store of the heart, but this is actually unusual.

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Christine said...

The park with the castle? Sounds like High Park to me! -- and the castle is great, but do you remember back when it had a slide that went all the way up the side of the hill? And the giant, climbable dinosaurs?

Ah, them was the days...