Friday, 2 March 2012

Welcome, the New Girl!

I see that there is a new girl in the Help for Catholic Singles biz. Here is a link to her interview in Our Sunday Visitor.

I haven't read her book, but I bring it to your attention. From the interview, she sounds like a sensible girl. Maybe you should buy her book. (If you haven't already, you should buy mine too, needless to say--also available in Polish.)

As for the interviewer's final question, I could tell Miss Stimpson that writing about the Catholic Single life will probably not endanger her marriage prospects in any way whatsoever. Back in my days as Seraphic Single, I occasionally had to hint to male letter writers that my blog was not the world's longest personal ad.

You would not BELIEVE one email I got. I cannot tell you WHAT that young man had to say in his own praise because this is a Catholic blog. I thought, "I don't think he's actually read much of my blog." I also thought, "Holy cow. I know his boss!" I wrote, "I'm not interested."

Dear me. Men are the caffeine in the cappuccino of life, but some are just too much. Not to get all Mary Daly on you, boys, but sometimes I dream of some way to keep my Auntish thoughts for girls and girls alone. But then I recall that the first place I spoke to B.A. was in my combox.


Emily Stimpson said...

The new girl is quite happy to be welcomed, thank you very much. I didn't become a reader of your blog or book until after my book was off to the press last year, but have since become a regular reader. It's almost like hearing myself, but married and living in Scotland. Which is a strange but rather affirming thing at this point in my life. Anyhow, kudos on a blog well done, and thanks for the little shout out.

Seraphic said...

Happy sales to you!:-D

Kate P said...

I have your book (books, actually), and I just put Miss Stimpson's on my e-reader. She's got a (very appropriate) SATC quote towards the beginning that you would appreciate, Seraphic.

Seraphic said...

Yes, I saw it on the Amazon preview ("Look Inside"). MY publisher made me cut out any obvious reference to SATC!

Kate P said...

Maybe someday you will have a second edition with the references put back in. :)