Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Polish Fame

Very occasionally the hardworking assistant of a radio interviewer calls me up and I'm suddenly on the air, talking about Seraphic Singles or (if the assistant has called me from the USA) The Closet's All Mine. The last time I was actually myself in a radio studio was last October in Warsaw, and I loved it. The pretty young married lady interviewer was over THERE, and I was over HERE, and the motherly translator sat in BETWEEN, and my marketing director sat in the corner, gnawing his nails.

Okay, I made that last bit up, but he was definitely sitting in the corner, and he never left my side until Berenike turned up.

There was a radio interview about Anielskie Single broadcast last week in Kraków and here it is.

You will strain your ears for my Canadian voice in vain, for this interview is not with me but with Father Drobot, the spiritual director of this May's "Brave Women" retreat. Unlike me, Father Drobot speaks fluent Polish. He's also a priest, and although I imagine various feminist theologians turning in their graves as I type this, it's pretty cool to have a priest saying nice stuff about your book on the radio.

At least, I think he's saying nice stuff. I think I heard dobra in there. If non-Poles want to listen, listen for the word "kobieta"--it means "woman", and Fr. Drobot says it several times, with various different case endings: kobieta, kobiety, kobiecie..

This is a photo of the Homo Dei publishing staff and I in Kraków. Kraków, according to Mr Pimsleur's Lesson 24, nie jest daleko.


some guy on the street said...

I wonder if, when considering just what sorts of things would cause intramonumental spinning, one mightn't have a clue as to how sound a particular philsophy-of-everything really is. Or, in other words,

A good priest says nice things about you/your work on the radio? hooray, what fun! What could possibly be wrong with that?!

Eowyn said...

Congratulations on more people finding out that you're awesome!

So, seeing as you're in Toronto at the moment (or at least was recently), any commentary on the latest insanity coming out of Queen's Park?

Seraphic said...

SGOS: Oh, the usual. Appropriation of women's voices, etc, etc.

Eowyn, there is always insanity coming out of Queen's Park, so I am not sure which bit you mean! Apart from the librarians, I'm not up on municipal politics.

Eowyn said...

Talking about yesterday's court decision to legalize brothels:



Truthfinder said...

Nothing to do with your post, but I'm very happy you put up a picture of Piotr. Oh, and I also bought your book today, I'll get it in a couple days.

Seraphic said...

@Eowyn. Oh dear. I saw the headlines of a paper saying that Sex Workers Rejoiced, and I was afraid to find out why. Somehow I didn't think it was because they had all been found real jobs.