Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Anti-Catholic Bigotry at Huff Po UK

Here's a non-story in the Huffington Post UK.  It makes a snide remark about the "Christian" (Roman Catholic Christian, most likely) youths in St. Peter's Square getting a lesson about "the survival of the fittest" when a seagull attacks a dove. Har, har, har, except that the dove got away.

Actually, the lesson might have been that life is tough and noisy types are likely to attack, if only in the combox of the Huffington Post UK. Even a representative from some British Muslim spokesgroup chimed in to joke that it was not a Muslim seagull. That is one of the milder comments, however. The others make remarks about garbage, "chubby girls," and "I wouldn't let a child near any of them." Nice, eh?

I cannot imagine why Huff Po UK ran this story other than to have a giggle at Roman Catholics who, although a small minority in the UK, make up the largest number of Britons who attend worship services.

Not incidentally, anti-Catholic bigotry has been a fixture in the UK since the 1530s.

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sciencegirl said...

If one of my students used a dove-seagull fight as an example of "survival of the fittest," that student would not be pleased with his resulting grade. Just sayin'. I think they meant, "Nature, red in tooth and claw," but, again, the dove got away.

I wonder what would have happened if the dove and/or pigeon had pooped in view of the camera? Would that have been another sign?