Saturday, 19 January 2013

Delightful Polish Bachelor Humour

(Illustration by Allie Brosh.)

I do not know to whom to credit this most amusing cartoon, sent to me by a NCB in western Poland.

My (not entirely literal) translation is as follows.

"Who are we?" "We are guys!"

"What do we want?" "Girls!"

"Why don't we have any?" "We're afraid to talk to them!"

So maybe it's not just the lousy economy and the measly one-time-only 1000 zl baby bonus.


magdalen hobbs said...
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Urszula said...

I love it :) there is a whole series of cartoons with the same characters.

The last square should be 'zagadac' though - it's missing an 'a'!

Elizabeth said...

Hilarious! Thank you for sharing, I laughed and laughed!

AngelaG said...

The drawings are by Ally at Hyperbole and a Half, but I don't know who did the text. Probably someone with a meme generator. People are always ripping off her work.

Seraphic said...

Thank you, Angela G! I'll post credit. I think, though, the word is "riffing off"--although really her imitators/fans should give her credit.

Elizabeth, me too!

Urszula, I thought so! I thumbed through my dictionary, thinking "It must be here somewhere!"

Magdalene, I am sure the "Jane Austen Guide" must be flying off the shelves, but I have no plans to read it.

Eliz... said...

I love this meme! I thought it was funny even without the translation.

I'm half Polish; I should really learn the language.

Gosia said...


it is sooooo true:-)(I mean the Polish bachelor humour)

It's funny that you mentioned 'The Jane Austen guide to happily ever after'. I'm reading the book now. You can immediately see it was written by a person with a PhD in English. I wouldn't call it a typical guide for single girls but an erudite analisis of love in Jane Austen's novels. E.Kantor looks at how the charactes handle their love lives and how their attitudes might be instructive for us (hmmm..). If you love Jane Austen (I do),you'll be delighted. It's hard to say, thouh, if you get clues about how to get to 'I do'(let alone happily ever after) when reading the guide.

Anna said...

I read that book recently and loved it. Highly recommended addition to singles' bookshelves, right next to auntie's book ;)

magdalen hobbs said...
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