Friday, 11 January 2013

Latest CR Column

Here's my latest column in the Catholic Register, inspired by a setting of "Christe Redemptor Omnium."

I could have gone on forever about how neither "fun" nor sentimental indulgence in "feelings" is a decent substitute for beauty, but I had an 800 word maximum.

By the way, whoever likes to sentimentalize the "house churches" of the first and second century has not been to Mass in a big old Scottish house chapel on a cold and damp day!


Sarah said...

I grew up going to Mass in hotel rooms, in people's houses...

Until recently, this was our chapel, which had 5 pews and just *barely* fit the 33 regular parishioners who attend. And the holy water font used to freeze...... (dot dot dot)

My priest, his family, and I have been working on his new chapel, one attached to his house, for about a year and it's finally done, and it's at least twice the size of this little woodshed.

Sarah said...

...and most importantly, it has insulation and heating, and room for me and "my" two year old (I am her nanny) to have a pew of our own.