Monday, 14 January 2013

Squishy Totalitarianism

I like to joke that I am learning Polish in anticipation that the Catholic Emancipation Act (1829) will be repealed. If we can't get to Canada, we can flee eastward.

Note Telegraph article. And this.


Magdalena said...

Oh Seraphic, no need to flee from Britain, at least you have 1000(!) priests who signed a letter against gay "marriage". That's 1/4 of all catholic priests in England.

Weep weep. The only thing our (German) priests and theologians ever get done is signing letters for the initiative "Church 2011" (Kirche 2011, ein notweniger Aufbruch), requesting women priests, sacraments for married gay couples and re-married divorced persons, and (what??? why???) yet again a modernization of the liturgy. In response to the s. abuse scandal in the German church. Signed by 311 catholic professors, religion teachers and so on. But hooray, 311 sounds so little compared to your 1000!
I do so wish we had more priests supporting the church instead of undermining it all the time.

I recently came across an official web page of the religious orders in Germany, and in the sidebar saw an advertisement for the autobiography of an ex-nun. Er, dear web page admin, that's a little counterproductive...

Seraphic said...

Yes, I do feel terribly sorry for German Catholics. Occasionally I get Church-related bulletins from Der Guter (of My Book) and they are all intensely depressing. I keep hinting "Martin Mosebach" and telling him where to find his nearest Extraordinary Form Mass, but he just wants to be an old-fashioned church organist in his village, der Arme.

Magdalena said...

Alas for the old-fashioned village parishes. There is no longer anything left of old-fashioned piety there. At least not where I come from. When I visit my parents (in their small village), I am facing a spiritual desert. I am waiting for the moment when the faith is finally brought back from the cities to the countryside.