Thursday, 24 January 2013

Limits "...on ME!"

This ab*rti*n rights video is making the rounds of Catholic and other Christian blogs either because of its unintentional giggle-factor or because it is shows the ab*rti*n rights movement at its most crass. (That said, women mourning dead children should probably not watch it.)

I have watched it twice, and I fell about laughing both times. I don't know if it is also unintentionally sexist, or unintentionally racist, or simply the most tone-deaf bit of propaganda I have seen since "Ordain a Lady." in my life.

To whom on earth is this ad supposed to appeal?  Watching it, anyone would get the impression that the director thought R v W was all about this guy and his need for unlimited sex without strings, sex being something he consumes like that glass of whiskey. "Mmm mmm mmm, baby."  (He smacks his lips.) "Ahhh...." Is he the Man of Our Dreams, or what? And has he actually cracked open that book or is it just there for show?

As most of you will have seen it elsewhere, I linked to it for the sake of the stubborn eavesdroppers, some of whom enjoy nothing more than a good laugh at a man who is making a complete ass of himself.

H/T Andrea, Bad Catholic.

Update: LifeSite doesn't think it's funny. But they actually name Mr Smooth. It turns out he's a professional actor. Crikey.


Eva said...

I think it's supposed to be his not so little black book, baby. Barf-fest.

Lena said...

I thought that Mr. Smooth in the video is creepy. It was an icky video that I couldn't finish watching.

kozz said...

Same thoughts as Lena. That guy made my skin crawl.

kozz said...

I watched the whole video this time. The last few seconds were hilarious; He certain needs some roughage in his diet.

Seraphic said...

Mm mm mm. Ahhh!

Miss Doyle said...

Ewwwww, he IS creepy.
It's almost as though he's celebrating the anniversary so that he can do nasty things to you and get away with it - because..........'you've got the power baby, to harm yourself afterwards, and I get off scot free.' [Insert evil laugh here]