Sunday, 25 July 2010

An Amazing Film for Singles

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. No, I am not kidding. It is a fantastic film. First, it treats marriage as an irrevocable social and spiritual tie which nothing save death can sever. Second, it seems to accept that the bond is more important than personal feelings of concord. (Victoria's dreadful parents ask her if she assumes that they like each other. They don't. And yet they agree on everything: interesting!) Third, it suggests that there is something more important than getting married one day. Finally, it can be watched by anyone without moral harm. Cartoon eyeballs continually fall onto the floor and into soup, etc., but so what?

Really, if you haven't seen it, see Corpse Bride.

Another good film on the subject of Searching Singledom, though with salty humour and "adult" situations, is Private Benjamin, starring Goldie Hawn.


Aussie girl etc said...

It also has great music. I love the remains of the day song.

bolyongok said...

I cried while watching the Corpse Bride. It was a whole-damn-tissuebox movie for me. I loved it, it was great.
Haven't seen Pvt. Benjamin yet, though I did find some remake of it. Apparently there are two remakes. I'd rather find it though as remakes are usually not as good.