Saturday, 24 July 2010

Your Turn

There have been no new reviews of Seraphic Singles/The Closet's All Mine for awhile, so it would be nice if those of you who have read it but not posted reviews, posted reviews. I love reading reviews. So far everyone has been really generous.

I was half-hoping an ideological opponent would trounce the book in a mainstream publication--shriek at the traditional assumptions about gender and sneer at the gentle Catholicism--and thereby generate sales through controversy. But that hasn't happened yet, so instead I enjoy reading the comments of the likeminded.

Canadians:; Indigo

British & Irish:

Americans and Les Autres:

If you review it on your blog instead, let me know!


Christine said...

Before I got a chance to get past the first few chapter, I let my friend skim my copy, and she wanted to read it. She loves it, and I told her to pass it along to another friend who wants to read it. So, it might be awhile before I get it back. But so far, great book!

Erin said...


I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. I have recently started a similar blog to yours, a blog for single woman in a married world, and I am looking forward to reading your book and sharing it with my readers. I enjoy reading your blog.


Seraphic said...

Thanks, Erin! Welcome to the blog.

Jessica said...

Not my blog, but a friend's:


Seraphic said...

Thanks, Jessica!