Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Valuable by Stevie Smith

(After reading two paragraphs in a newspaper)

Alll these illegitimate babies...
Oh girls, girls
Silly little cheap things,
Why do you not put some value on yourselves,
Learn to say, No?
Did nobody teach you?
Nobody teaches anybody to say No nowadays,
People should teach people to say No.


Oh these illegitimate babies!
Oh girls, girls,
Silly little valuable things,
You should have said, No, I am valuable,
And again, It is because I am valuable
I say, No.

Nobody teaches anybody they are valuable nowadays.

Girls, you are valuable,
And you, Panther, you are valuable,
But the girls say: I shall be alone
If I say 'I am valuable' and other people do not say it of me,
I shall be alone, there is no comfort there.
No, it is not comforting but it is valuable,
And if everybody says it in the end
It will be comforting. And for the panther too,
If everybody says he is valuable
It will be comforting for him.

From "Valuable" by Stevie Smith (1902-1971)

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Kate P said...

I don't know if other countries can see this show, but this poem reflects my feelings watching Mtv's "Teen Mom" series--last night's episode was really sad to watch.