Sunday, 4 July 2010

And Twice as Pink

O my little Singles. Today I saw my interview in the Messenger of Saint Anthony magazine (International Edition). The photos of me seem as large as life...and twice as pink. Nobody is going to look at those photos and say, "Well, of course, she got married! Look at her celestial beauty, etc!" Uh uh. Not going to happen. (I suppose men who love pink-faced women with orangey hair--B.A., for example--might say this stuff.)

I'm slightly less pink in my wedding photos, thanks to Albus, the man at the MAC counter who assured me I would thank him one day for selling me tinted moisturiser to eliminate redness on my wedding day. THANK YOU, ALBUS! But there was nothing Albus could do about my other photos, boo hoo hoo.

Anyway, if you live in the English-speaking world*, see if your mum or your grandmum or your local Catholic bookshop has a copy of the July-August edition of Messenger of Saint Anthony, International Edition.

Then buy my book (if you haven't already), for that, not sending my husband's pals into roars of cruel mirth, was the whole point, for me, of this interview.

*I'm not sure if this includes the USA. The letters seemed to all come from places like Bath, UK, Hamilton, Canada, Ghana and New Zealand.

Update: The Messenger of Saint Anthony has a monthly circulation of one million. I am going to go lie down now....

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Pedantic Classcist said...

Wow, Dumbledore knows how to moisturize! Is there anything he can't do?! ;)

But seriously, Seraphic: Albus? This is a pseudonym, right? Or not? It seems almost too strange for fiction that a man named "White" (and maybe a wizard?) magically made you less pink on your wedding day.