Thursday, 15 July 2010

Po-land! Po-land!

A Polish publisher has bought the Polish-language rights to Seraphic Singles. So--as you can imagine--I am having a very good morning!

I love the Poles. Can I say that? Will the Poles mind? Because I have always loved the Poles. A great, romantic, Catholic nation.

Also the first boy who showed any interest in me whatsoever came to Canada from Poland on holiday. I think he was eight. I was about ten. He didn't speak a word of English. I didn't speak a word of Polish. I was confused by his instant rapture with me. However, it was a happy moment in an otherwise ugly ducklingy childhood.

Yay, Poland!


berenike said...

About bloody time! I have a girl I need to give it to, like, last month!

congrats :D Dawn Eden, eat your heart out!

berenike said...

ps who is it?

Seraphic said...

I shall not post the name online until I know when the release date is. Needless to say, Poland is not as hard to get to as Missouri, so I would definitely go to a Polish book launch. I totally would!

Claire Christina said...

Whoa - how awesome! Congrats, Seraphic! :D

Alisha said...

Shubam!! :)