Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Buy My Book, Now in Polish

My Polish publisher asked if I would mention on my blog that Anielskie Singles hits the shelves on June 27. I would and it does.

It now looks like I myself will be going to Poland in October.

Meanwhile, my book is available in two kinds of English, Canadian (Seraphic Singles) and American (The Closet's All Mine), and you can still buy the version you like best at a nice Catholic bookshop near you, plus Indigo (in Canada) and also over the internet.

It was my Canadian publisher's idea to start up a Seraphic Singles blog again. I am sure it now is longer than my book!


berenike said...


I was just thinking yesterday that I ought to check the website and see if it is out yet. Must get to parish bookshop and order one/five...

mary said...

I appreciate this post because I've been thinking about these topics a lot lately. I had a romantic disappointment this spring, and one of the things I've been asking God to help me with is not becoming bitter (along with healing, wisdom, and tons of other helpful things). It can be so easy to give into those feelings of bitterness at low points, and it truly challenges my faith to try to accept that I'm not in 100% control of my life and what happens to me.
I posed this question to my spiritual director recently: What if the life God wants for me is different than the life I want for myself? And she told me to think and pray about it, which I am doing. For me it's a hard topic to get my mind around. As a perennial worrywart, I have to work on not "what-if"-ing myself crazy. It's a work in progress.

mary said...

Hee hee, sorry, I actually haven't been thinking about the Polish version of your book lately (or talking to my spiritual director about it), though I do want to get the English version. I meant to post my previous message in response to your most recent post. I will move my message up there. oops!