Saturday, 11 June 2011

Grazie Ed A Presto

I have just written a bunch of thank you postcards to wing their way to Switzerland, Australia and the US of A to say thanks to my lovely patronesses and patron who donated towards the noble cause of me sitting by the Mediterranean for five days with your fellow Single Hilary. I leave for Italy tomorrow at dawn.

Hilary informs me that her boiler has started leaking gas, so its long life is over, and there will be no hot water.

If this isn't a concept for a reality show, I don't know what is.

Two Canadian Catholic journalists, two attitudes towards women, one cancerous tumour, one Italian flat, no hot water. A friendship made in heaven or a murder spawned in hell? Stay tuned to "Ladies in Lazio"!

Of course, if I am lucky, I will turn it all into a heart-warming book that will win the Orange Prize.

I will return to this lovely site when I can. It depends on Hilary's computer, really. In the meantime, take care of your beautiful selves and stay seraphic!

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