Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Two Rejections

Darlinges, I have been holding out on you.

It is my policy to tell you whenever I get a book or an article rejected, so that you can see (A) that rejection doesn't end at the altar and (B) that everyone gets rejected and we just keep going.

Last week I had one article (written on spec) rejected, and this week I had one solicited article rejected. I lost half a month's pay when that happened.

But that's how life is.


FrB said...


SoaringSoprano said...

*indignant huff* Well. They just don't know what it is that they turned down.

If I were an editor, I'd publish you!!

Julie said...

A solicited piece! These editors, they just don't know how to commit these days! Poor Seraphic!

berenike said...

Ouch. Sowwy :( (goes off glad after all that her commissioning editor appears to be positively sloppy in checking what she does)

Kate P said...

So sorry to hear. Totally their loss (or at least their loss is far greater than yours).

Anonymous said...

Can I be anonymous just for this? The solicited piece s*cks; but maybe there was some kind of internal politics and the editor got his or her butt chewed for soliciting it in the first place if that makes sense. If that's what happened, they should have had the courtesy to tell you before you finished it.

My best rejection ever was a standard form with all the blanks filled in, but an editor had taken the time to HANDWRITE something along the lines of "sorry, we just did something similar but this is really good". Maybe something like that happened. It was more exciting than when I finally did get something published.

Hope you keep at it.

Shy writer of great american novel