Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Maybe Warsaw & Maybe Krakow

I have eye-strain alongside a nasty old headache, so no long blogs from me today. Instead I will just say that I may appear on radio in Warsaw and Krakow in late June or early July. I don't know if that means actually BEING in Warsaw and Krakow, but I wouldn't mind appearing there in person, as long as I can figure out the super-cheap Edinburgh-Poland-Edinburgh routes.


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berenike said...

Edinburgh-Kraków (easyjet)
Prestwick-Warsaw (wizzair)

Can't find one of those helpful maps on Easyjet's site, but wizzair have one. You can fly to Katowice with wizzair and take a laid-on bus to Kraków.

Ryanair: I know they're evil thieving gits, the rest I don't.

Flew from Katowice once to Rome, I think, taking the train from Warsaw, but can't remember anything about the airport. Warsaw airport is in the city, ltos of convenient easy city bus connections, and Kraków airport has a train connection and it doesn't take much time or trouble to get from the city centre to the airport. If you are flying into Prestwick you get half price train tickets to anywhere in Scotland - perhaps it works if you are flying from Prestwick too? You'll have to trot from Queen Street to Central, but it's only a couple of hundred yards.