Saturday, 7 December 2013

Happy 30th to the Evangelista!

This is an inspiring and heart-warming post. Happy birthday to long-time reader "The Evangelista"!

You know, a bunch of happy Catholic women, Single, Married and Consecrated, who are 30 (exactly thirty) should get together and write a book of advice on how to navigate life as a twenty-something. A thirty year old has crossed the psychological line out of the twenties, and yet is still hip to the issues of contemporary twenty-something life. Hipper than 39++ Auntier Seraphic, for example. A woman turning 20 could do a lot worse than read a book of advice by sage women aged 30. (Naturally it would be okay if the book came out when they were 31 or 32. The important thing is that they be 30 when they write it.)

I think it would work as a collection of essays. It would be really cool.


Christina Grace@The Evangelista said...

Thanks so much, Auntie! I think your book idea is fantastic. I'm going to do a series soon on how to make the most out of your 20s, so perhaps that could be re-worked into an essay. Will definitely ruminate on that...

Pearlmusic said...

Happy anniversary to dear Evangelista! Your list rocks and I find a lot of myself in it. I love the part about staying up til 12 am and enjoying salsa classes along with Papa Benny;)
What a great idea to write a book for twenty-somethings from thirty-somethings. If only they wanted to read! ;)
Your fellow 30-and-single :)

Julia said...

Pearlmusic, I'm 23 and I'd definitely read it.

Pearlmusic said...

Julia, great to hear you'd read and no doubt you would if you're among Seraphic Singles!
Actually, I had started writing my own collection of essays about Single life shortly before I turned 30. I was recovering from a breakup and I started thinking positively about being Single, but still I could find little encouragement and ministry for people like me. So I started writing. Then I stumbled upon "Anielskie Single" (actually, first affirmative Catholic book for Singles in our market) and I screamed: yeah, that's what I've been looking for!

If I have doubts that my own writings would be of any use for younger women is not only because Auntie's "Seraphic Singles" is already on the market (probably the first affirmative book for Catholic Singles I've seen), but also due to te fact that I didn't want to listen to sage advice from older women when I was twenty-something.
But should any of my experience save my younger fellows pain, this could motivate me to go on writing ;)