Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Not Alone, Not Childless This Christmas

I have been cooking all day. Actually, I have been cooking for two days. Almost without a rest. It has been intense, but that's what happens when you are a Spiritual Mother in charge of both Polish Christmas Eve supper and Canadian-British Christmas dinner.

But all day I have been thinking about you, my Single readers, and when I will get a chance to write to you about being Single at Christmas, as I was for a long time indeed. And I am just a tiny fallible mortal woman on an island thinking of you, so imagine how Almighty God is thinking about you right now, and knowing everything you think and feel and, well, everything about you. And Christmas is all about how much He cares for you and me, so much that He took on our humanity, which is staggering to think of, especially when you think of what humanity is like. Mine has a pain in its back and pierogi dough under its fingernails.

And this pierogi dough is because my Pretend Daughter Marta (who is actually not that much younger than me really) is here for Christmas. She is a Pole, and therefore I am making Wigilia supper in her honour. And this makes me happy (if tired) because it means that in my small way I am someone's mother for Christmas. In fact, Marta is the youngest so she is the "star child" in the Polish Wigilia traditions. And now I am going to wrap her present, this being my break before the great ACTUAL COOKING of everything that needs to be served hot. Meanwhile, there will be another Single here for this supper, and at least two other Singles (with Marta) at Christmas dinner tomorrow---well, one is a priest, but he is far from his family, so I think he counts as a Single at Christmas.

So what is my message on this happy, tired night? Well, it is to enjoy the Christmas that you have as much as you can, whatever your circumstance may be. IF you are 100% alone with yourself, remember that we are never alone because Emmanuel, God is with us. And if you are with others, be truly present to the others, and be especially nice to whoever is cooking. See if they need dishes washed or something. Forgive them if they bite you, and praise their efforts!

Anyway, a very happy Christmas to you all, and the Inner Child will be back with her controversial chapter on Boxing Day.

Auntie Seraphic

P.S. Błogławionych Świat Bozego Narodzenia i Szcześliwego Nowego Roku! Serdecznie pozdrawiam z Edynburga!


Anne said...

Thank you Seraphic! Merry Christmas!

Domestic Diva said...

Merry Christmas, Auntie Seraphic and B.A.!

Nzie said...

Merry Christmas! :-)

Julia said...

Merry Christmas, Seraphic and B.A.! (It's 10:57am Christmas morning where I am). I hope all the cooking goes well! You sound like a pro. My younger sister and I pretty much improvised the desserts but they've turned out well!

Pearlmusic said...

Isaiah 62, 1-5 - a very comforting Christmas Eve reading for all Singles :)

And nobody is childless "for a Child is born unto us" today. Behold.

Many blessings to you, Seraphic &B.A. and all the readers!

Wielu błogosławieństw od Dzieciątka Jezus!

Jackie said...

Merry Christmas, Seraphic and B.A., and all fellow blog readers! :-)