Saturday, 21 December 2013

McKelvie Is Ordained

Just a quick update for those of you who have read Seraphic Singles and remember my housemates Ted and Jonathan and our friend McKelvie. I met McKelvie in 2005, and even then he dreamed of becoming a priest. His first seminary had not worked out. However, despite various discouraging experiences, McKelvie persisted in his vocation. Eventually he joined an ancient religious order, and now he has been ordained a priest.

Sadly, the fact that transatlantic plane fares skyrocket in December meant that I could not be there. But Ted was there, bless him, and he has sent me his photographs. Three are of McKelvie giving his Primi blessing to Ted, and one of them is now my laptop background.

So McKelvie is an example of a Serious Single--although McKelvie very much likes women and would have made a great husband and father had he not fallen in love with the priesthood--who persevered in his vocation. Congratulations to McKelvie, but congratulations to all us Catholic laypeople, too. Hello, Good Man.


Anonymous said...

Strange twists of fate: One day I developed a strong crush on this person, which (among several other things) helped me realize I better not continue my engagement to someone I didn't actually love and had gotten engaged to for the wrong reasons. I'm so grateful and happy this happened the way it did even though it was painful at the time, and am grateful that Mr. McKelvie is now Fr. McKelvie. God works in very strange ways.

-- Wishing to remain Anonymous!

Seraphic said...

That's a great story, and I know that kind of thing has happened before. This is the effect really good men can have on our lives without them ever having the slightest clue. We think, "Wow, if I can't have that man, at least I know I want a man LIKE that man!"

Thank you for sharing, and you have very good taste in men!