Sunday, 29 December 2013

Into the Wilds of Scotland

Well, poppets, B.A. and I are taking our house guests into the wilds of Fife for New Year's, and we will have a fire in the hearth (at last!), but no internet access. It will be a week of sitting around reading and Polish lessons and driving hither and thither to see this and that and admiring passing sheep.

But this means that I will not be able to read your emails until next Sunday at the earliest. It also means that the Inner Child won't be able to continue her 100,000 word epic until January 6.

Meanwhile, don't forget that I am coming to the USA in February, and so far my stops are Pittsburgh PA (only half an hour from Steubenville, hint, hint) and Washington DC. And there will be the annual Seraphic Singles Valentine's Day meeting in Toronto, Canada on February 14.

Have a lovely week, and remember all that stuff about a kiss on New Year's Eve/Day is base superstition and anyway I am sure kisses from your mothers count. One New Year's Eve after Vigil Mass I got a smacking kiss on the cheek from a cheerful (and cheeky) young Jesuit, and I am sure that counted.

Don't bother staying up until midnight or going to a party unless you really want to. I suspect B.A.'s and my Single friends in Edinburgh are waiting until we are gone so they can discuss their own wild Singles' New Year's Eve plans freely and without me wailing about marginalized Marrieds.

Finally, sincere thanks and virtual kisses to the 110 readers who bought copies of Ceremony of Innocence before Christmas Eve, particularly the librarian who made her library order it in and display it in an advantageous place. When I think of all the things readers do on my behalf, I am reminded of Dumbledore's Army--or Fight Club!


thepinkeminence said...

My sister's ladies' book club in DC/Virginia is reading your book! I suggested it to her, but I think some of the other ladies did, too, so you certainly have friends in the American capital. Happy New Year!

Lillian Gerken said...

I received my copy of "Ceremony of Innocence" on Christmas morning. Now that the holiday madness is dying down, I am looking forward to reading it!

PolishTraveler said...

Oh! This book club sounds lovely! Is there any way other ladies from the DC/Virginia area (and Seraphic fans) can join?

Seraphic, I hope you enjoy your vacation!

Jackie said...

Happy New Year, Seraphic! Hope you are having a lovely trip! PS: Sherlock season 3 will be waiting when you get back. :-P

nottburgas inner child said...

My auter adult sais that was a "Massjuh-1:25 'until'" in the 2nd paragraf, whatever thet meens. (She sais look it up in the Doay Rhiems Bible commenterry to thet ferse... nau thets just to much work)

BUT aniway I am just writing to say thet there will be FAN ART this week.

Haff a happy Feest of the Epipheny!