Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Merry War

Outrageous! The Men's Schola had a Chaps Only dinner party last night, to celebrate some opprobrious dead white male novelist. Naturally I had to have a Ladies' Supper at the same time in response. (So much more dignified than dressing in drag and crashing the men's event.) We celebrated Jane Austen, which gave us the opportunity to make our existing frocks look a tad more Empirish and to sport weirdly placed Georgian curls.

I pushed the boat out, as obviously I had to outdo the host of the Chap's Only dinner, constrained only by budget, guests' gluten intolerance and the fact that it was Friday. And on the whole I was pleased with the result: mixed nuts (with cava to drink), onion soup with Stilton, deconstructed avocado salad with crevettes, rainbow trout with orange and dill, chanterelle carrots, broccoli and potatoes, chocolate pudding with candied orange peel and chewy macaroons (and cherry brandy to drink), Stilton with apple slices and walnuts. In short, pre-dinner nibbles and five courses, and not a sprinkle of wheat to be seen.

So imagine my chagrin this morning when I discovered from Seminarian Pretend Son, who returned with B.A. to the Historical House at 3 AM, that the Chap's Only supper featured nine courses with printed photocopied menu-souvenirs.

"It's not a competition," said B.A. when I moaned.

"Yes, it is!"

Still, I am pleased with my supper, and the crevettes still had their eyes and antennae and everything, so they looked quite dramatic on their Georgian-style plates.

As is usual at these segregated occasions, the only married people at both events were B.A. and I, which is why I mention on my Singles blog. Well, that and conceding to certain Eavesdroppers that the other supper was more elaborate. Curses!

Update: Through wifely cunning I have got my hands on one of these menus, and I have to say I don't think "coffee, port, chocolates, cigars & brandy" should count as a course.


Kathryn Rose said...

That sounds simply fabulous and wonderful. I so envy your elegant 39+ life.

Seraphic said...

Well, I very much like my life and all my friends here, including the Eavesdropping ones, although I fear I am not wonderfully elegant (though certainly 39+).

All you need for a dinner party are guests, a room big enough for a table, enough plates and cutlery, some food and an excuse!

Lynn said...

It would be delightful to see photos of these beautiful courses and tableware!

Sheila said...

That sounds delicious! Even though I don't know what crevettes are. ;)

It's funny, when I host people on special diets, they always beg me not to go out of my way for them. What they don't realize is what a feather in my cap it is to make a special meal with limitations. I like working within boundaries; it gives me a starting place.

We had a vegetarian friend over for the weekend who insisted we not cater to her, but it was FUN to be vegetarian for the weekend! All kinds of ideas. Plus, I made minestrone, which I had never made before, and it's now one of my favorite soups.