Sunday, 13 October 2013

Available for Kindle

Although some of you have your copies already, today is the official release date of Ceremony of Innocence. Celebrate by buying a copy of my book! Or, if you are more of a Kindle kind of gal, you can get the electronic version here!

Of course I am terribly interested in what y'all think, so please feel free to email me what you think of the book. If you send me illustrations, I'll post them.

Meanwhile, there's a great review on Goodreads. And, very excitingly for me, I met with
one of your fellow readers yesterday, who read CoI on the plane over to Scotland. She told me the characters were like real people, which is really one of the best things you can say to an author.


Lena said...

Congratulations on your book release!

Heather in Toronto said...

Oh good, it's available on epub as well as kindle. I shall have to pick it up!

Janka H. said...

available to buy as a kindle version on Amazon - bought mine immediately :)