Monday, 28 October 2013

That Went Much Better!

Just finished up my interview with Relevant Radio! This one went much better, in part because I made myself cue cards ahead of time. Also the questions were about the political situation in Germany and Europe, especially about the emergence of neo-Nazi groups, and I can talk forever about that.

The interesting thing about fascism is not that almost all of us find it disgusting, but that millions of Europeans in the 1930s thought it was a great solution to their economic and social problems. And if handfuls of dumb swastika-daubing youths think that again, then we should ask ourselves why. Are they just attracted to power, and dream of having the power of a smartly-clad SS officer? Are they just childish xenophobes who scapegoat weird-looking and weird-acting foreigners? Are they envious of the strong family ties of Muslim immigrants? Or do they feel, as felt half a generation of young German men, completely marginalized and dumped on by the world?

Anyway, it was an interesting conversation. So far I have talked about what Catholic literature should be, and what the political mood in Europe is. Hopefully someone eventually asks me something about men and woman because, as you know, I can talk forever about that, too!

Incidentally, buy my new book! And if you have already done so, consider leaving Amazon or Good Reads a review!


HappyToBeHere said...

Auntie, I just want to tell you that I have ordered your book :) I am totally broke, so could not buy it, but wished very much that I would have a way to get my hands on a copy ... and this is how it happened:

A few months ago, at a friend's wedding, another friend brought along her copy of a local Catholic magazine that she works for. She stalked the bride around the dance floor, got her away from the crowds, sat her down to pose with the mag, and had me take a photo, and then entered that photo in the magazine's competition (where you take a photo of it being read in a different or unusual place around the world). I did so little to contribute to the photo - I just pressed the shutter down! And yet the photo won and the prize was a gift voucher to an online bookstore, and without a second thought I ordered "Ceremony of Innocence."

So, hurrah! I thought you would like to hear about how God's providence works even in supplying copies of your book to poor readers :)

Trying to be sensible said...

HappyToBeHere,you made me laugh, because I was in a similar boat;-) Managed to get my hands on it--zipped through it, and am now slowly digesting it.
Thanks, Seraphic. What a book. Please publish some more!

Seraphic said...

That's a great story, and I'm sending it at once to my PR woman!

HappyToBeHere said...

Haha, send away. You know, it's moments like that in which poverty is romantic.