Monday, 21 October 2013

Blah! So Inarticulate!

Oh, girls. I hope none of you got up early for my radio interview. I do television so much better. Arrrgh! But those of you who already have a copy of Ceremony of Innocence should turn at once to page 112, last paragraph, first sentence. Then have a jolly laugh. Everyone else, what better way to cheer me up than to buy lovely copy? Hint hint.

Update: Thank you, 43, whoever you are!

Update 2: It turns out that Simcha Fisher and I have the same book designer! Now, if only we could share the same spot in terms of Amazon sales....


Stellamaris said...

Your novel got mentioned on Simcha's blog! Sort of.

Seraphic said...

Oh yes! That's great! And people who would rather read a thriller than an humorous book bout NFP might have a look!

Thanks, Stella Maris. And like Simcha, I think John did a great job. He sent me a photo of the broken window some time ago, and it was my screen saver!

bitkin said...

I liked what you said about Catholics having to live in the real world (or something along those lines).

Is there a Graham Greene novel you would suggest starting with? Maybe it is time for me to give him another try.


Seraphic said...

I think a really good starter Greene novel, and an unusual one, too, as it contains references to both the Novus Ordo and the Extraordinary Form is "Monsignor Quixote." It is from Greene's late period, and of course it is his take on "Don Quixote."

It will also remind you of "Don Camillo", as there is a wonderful friendship between the priest and the local communist.

It has elements of pre-Vatican II and of the post-Vatican II era it was written in and therefore can certainly be read as an example of the hermeneutic of continuity!

Anamaria said...

Well, I'm reviewing both your book & Fisher's for our local Catholic paper: she may have more amazon sales, but in the Sooner Catholic she'll have one less star!

Seraphic said...

Oooh! You read both?! Is Sooner Catholic online? I'm interested in Simcha's book but I'm also scared it will be TOO MUCH. I mean, it's about NFP, which is not my favourite topic, especially when it is other people's NFP.

Still, it's great that there are Catholic married ladies talking frankly about this stuff. Let there be a Catholic Doctor Ruth one day, but let her NOT BE ME!

Anamaria said...

Whole issues to download and select articles to view are available here:

My review of her book will be in the next issue, dated 10/27. The review of your book will probably be in the 11/11 issue (sorry- I didn't ask for the review copy until it was already released! but maybe it will encourage people to buy it as Christmas gifts)

I don't *think* the book is TOO MUCH for any married people or for the majority of single people. It's more like, "It can be SO hard to abstain! Here's some things you can say to help encourage each other" rather than specific about why it is hard and "There are issues married people have to work through about their sexuality; here's suggestions about how to communicate better with your spouse" rather than detailing specific issues. And it's not at all specific about mucus, etc.

bitkin said...

Thank you! Have started Monsignor Quixote and am finding it interesting so far.