Friday, 18 October 2013

New Book Dance Party

Thank you very much to those readers who have already bought my new book and even written reviews or comments. It's been an exciting week; my interview provided a provocative headline for Catholic World Report.

It's not every day anyone asks me about my writing or my influences, and I wrote and rewrote my answer about "most influential authors" a dozen times. But so far nobody has asked me--and if you should ever interview anyone about a novel, you might consider asking them--what I was listening to at the time.

Normally I write in dead silence, but while either writing or reviewing or thinking about (most likely) the chapters of Ceremony of Innocence, I was listening to club music. I wanted a real "rave" vibe for my book and was trying to conjure up memories of feelings and impressions from my time in Germany. After all, my younger characters go to clubs a lot, especially this one. And trance music is called "trance" for a reason.

Here are some of the tracks I listened to repeatedly while writing Ceremony of Innocence:

Scarf: "Odyssey"
Cascada: "Every Time We Touch"
Basshunter: "DotA"
Alice DeeJay: "Will I Ever"
Blumchen: "Heut' ist Mein Tag"
Tune Up: "Raver's Fantasy"
Darude: "Sandstorm"
The Killers: "Mr. Brightside"
The Killers: "Somebody Told Me"
Alice Deejay: "Back in My Life"
Mo-Do: "Einz Dwei Polizei"
and my favourite Canadian song of all time:
Tragically Hip: "Nautical Disaster"

I think I listened to Alice Deejay sing "Back in My Life" a hundred times. You can find all these songs on YouTube, which is where I found them. (The official videos for "Will I Ever", "Sandstorm" and "Einz Dwei Politzei" are Not Safe For Little Brothers.) However, I think I may have to buy them for B.A.'s MP3 player, which I take along to the gym.

Update: Yikes! Did not realize how appropriate "Nautical Disaster" was until now.


lauren said...

I was listening to "Call Me Maybe" while preparing job applications for about a week before the funniness of that situation hit me.

Gregaria said...

I kind of love "Everytime We Touch."

Julie M. said...

Did you see that the artist who made your book cover wrote a blog post about it?

Seraphic said...

No, I didn't Julie M! Thanks for telling me. I will look right now.

I very much love his cover. It's great! It's got the finality of the broken glass, it's got the Frankfurt railway station, and it's got the energy of the woman running.

okiegrl said...

Just bought the book! It will be here in 2 days. :-)