Tuesday, 15 October 2013

McLean Gets Political

Here is my Ignatius Press interview.

You'll notice that, when asked where I write online, I didn't mention this blog. That's because my novel is controversial on several levels, and I don't want men, either love-struck or enraged, marching over here to emote, leaving big black boot prints on the snowy carpets of the combox. So I am getting my own LITER'CHUR blog at Ignatius, which is very cool, and of course men will be welcome there to tell me that I am amazingly bright or simply wrong, depending on their point of view.

For the time being, you can respond to things I say in my interview in its combox. I'm sure the boys who run it would be thrilled. And of course the Eavesdroppers can respond, too, as over there they wouldn't be Eavesdroppers anymore, but Target Audience along with all other lovers of A) thrillers or B) my deathless prose.

Amusingly, the book designer has solved the whole married lady name problem for me by boldly writing MCLEAN on the spine. Henceforth I shall be shelved under M or MC, cheek-by-jowl with a lot of mad Highlanders and Irishmen.